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Matteo Attruia for Illy Art Collection

04 September 2018

“it’s up to you”. Designed by Matteo Attruia, the Italian artist known for his ironic and elegant works of art, this latest cup collection was inspired by the way “ransom notes” are written.

Attruia is known for working in mediums including painting, photography, recycled objects, and installations, which are some of the most diverse expressions of his art.  For this illy Art Collection, the artist took the iconic illy cup designed by Matteo Thun in 1991 and created 36 combinations of different messages like “Love Me,” each one with its own meaning, but always positive.

By combining the words that are written on the cup with those on its accompanying saucer, coffee lovers can personalize his or her coffee experience by creating a different phrase each time.
Attruia’s design is not meant to be aesthetic or decorative, but aims to best represent a contradiction between significance and signifier, creating an obvious “short circuit” of expression.
“This Collection allows coffee lovers to customize a message with a personal meaning.  It represents a place where the language of contemporary art meets and merges with that of illy’s universe, creating a complete experience that is social, figurative, and tangible.”

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