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Illy Collection Olimpia Zagnoli

Lavazza Museum

Biennale Events 2019

Lavazza Oldani

The new eccentric cup where the espresso is "accompanied" towards tasting is born from a Davide Oldani project.

Sixtieth IPA Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate our anniversary in the EXPO year

Illy Collection Marc Quinn

Lavazza Great Slam!

Lavazza celebrates great tennis, and the Italians savour the taste of victory

Ceramics of Italy

Illy Art Collection Barcolana 2018 by M. Abramovic

Lavazza Paradise

Matteo Attruia, Illy Art Collection

Lavazza Official sponsor of the Golden Globe Awards

Illy Collection Barcolana 2017, by Maurizio Galimberti

Trieste, Barcolana 2017

The New Collection Teo Cafe

Bread, Love and ..... Coffee!

The new collection Queen's Coffee

Coffee Drawings

Max Petrone for Illy Collection Coffee Drawings

Lavazza Italian Pavillion

Italian Pavilion’s Official Coffee, with passion, ethics and attention to quality.

Ron Arad

 A light and transparent drape...

Illy, Aromatik Kit for University of Coffee

Yoko Ono, signed Illy Art Collection

Healing the broken, preserving the unbroken.

Illy Collection by Maurizio Galimberti

Trieste, Roma, Milano, Firenze, Venezia e Pisa ...

Illy Collection Alanise Morissette

Illy Heritage Collection

Illy Celebrates More than 80 Years of Heritage and Excellence with its new Heritage Collection

25th Anniversary Illy Art Collection

Illy Art Collection Gillo Dorfles

The latest edition of the illy Art Collection celebrates the great intellectual, painter and art critic Gillo Dorfles, one of the most eclectic figures in the world of Italian art and culture.